Nordic and North American Neuro endocrine Tumor management: a Clinical and scientific synopsis. 2008

The Basis of the Nordic Knowledge Group Meeting

In April of 2008 a group of eleven physicians from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, interested in neuroendocrine tumors visited Harvard, Yale and Rockefeller Universities for a week of discussion and debate in the area of NET biology, diagnosis and management. At each of these institutions a diverse group of scientists, clinicians and nuclear medicine persons assembled a local program that was interfaced with a series of presentations prepared by the visitors. The purpose of the meetings was to promote the exchange of information on the complex subject of neuroendocrine tumor disease and to foster the development of professional relationships between colleagues who shared a common interest. The meetings involved the formal presentation of scientific and clinical topics by members of the host institutions as well as all the travelers and covered the entire spectrum of NETs. The scientific interchanges were characterized by enthusiastic and open discussion of the diverse points of view between the different institutions, countries and individuals and led to a general consensus among all parties in regard to certain areas of practice as well as identifying areas that were perceived as in need of further clinical as well as scientific advance. Irvin M Modlin of Yale organized the US component of the interaction and Kjell Oberg of Uppsala University lead the Nordic team. The meeting was supported by Ipsen.

Irvin M. Modlin
Professor of Surgery
Diretor, Gastric Surgical Pathobiolgy Research Group
Yale University School of Medicine

Kjell Öberg
Dean of the Medical Faculty, Uppsala University
Professor, Endocrine Oncology, Medical FAculty, Uppsala University
Vice Chairman, Dept. of Edocrin Oncology, Uppsala University Hospital


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